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The University teaching hospital of Kigali is located in the Centre of Kigali city (District of Nyarugenge) ,is the main public health institution in the country. It was built in 1918; In 1928, it worked as health center. In 1965 ,it worked as hospital. From April 1994 to 1996,the CHK has served as a health center,a district hospital and as a referral hospital as well.

With the enactment of law Nr. 41/2000 of 7/12/2000 on the establishment and organization of the University Teaching Hospital "UTH", the CHK became a public institution with legal personality known as “University Teaching Hospital of Kigali”.

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The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Rwanda developed a centre of excellence to provide neurosurgical services, training and research for the country, the East and Central African Region and the Continent. There is ready support from the Department of Neurosurgery and the Brain repair centre of Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia to realise the establishment of this centre. The centre is located at the King Faisal Hospital with satellite site at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK).

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The department of surgery

This department has 162 officers including 7 surgeons (3-traumato orthopedics, 1 Neurosurgery,

The department of surgery has achieved the following:
* Surgical Interventions
* The development of an outline of the terms of reference for specialists and non-specialist doctors
* The development of electronic medical record of internal medicine in the project "Open Clinic" of UTHK

* Establishing a system of towers and room daily supervision three times a week as part of the process leading to accreditation UTHK.
* Establishment of a multidisciplinary diabetes for improving the diabetes management .
* Setting up a monitoring team actions to improve care for accreditation.

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